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I Am A Paradox

I am a paradox.

There are times I use all my inner strength to rise above negativity, and there are times I hide beneath the covers wishing the day would be over.

There are times I am fearless and stand up for myself, and there are days I feel like giving in.

There are times I cherish surrounded by wonderful friends, and there are times I retreat and

want to be left alone.

Yes, I am a paradox. Fearless but scared, social yet reclusive, friendly but still holding back.

I am not alone, we are all a paradox of who believe we are. We are all both the light and the dark, the Ying and Yang. And to thrive, we must give ourselves permission to be both.


We are not defined by one action, whether past, present or future. We are not defined by one person’s opinion, because they see only one part of who you really are. The part they see is the part you choose to show. How much of the “true you” you choose to show, is completely and utterly, up to you. And the one person that needs to be able to see all of your soul, is simply yourself.

To become aligned with yourself, to accept and love yourself, it takes honesty. A deep, raw honesty where nothing is hidden.

Being completely honest with yourself means being brave enough to look at the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, doubts and fears, that we want to hide from the world, even from ourselves.


Some people you meet will want you to fit into the neat little box in their mind, and as much they want to compartmentalise and define you for their own sake, you will never belong there so long as you can recognise you are a paradox. You are many things, a combination of your past, present and future, a combination of all of your experiences and expectations, beliefs and dreams.

If you were to write down a list of everything you believe about yourself and every detail about who you are, you would find that you are still so much more than that. You are a never ending story, continually discovering another chapter in your life. You are a poem still being written. You are your own creator in each moment to moment decision.

You are a paradox, and a hope you learn to love that.

Love & Light Jennifer x

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