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How I went from stressed and depressed

- to happy and healthy

I spent years feeling trapped in my own mind, where thoughts seemed to move like a tornado. The faster it went, the more I become stressed, unhappy and constantly anxious. 

Whilst I flitted from job to job for years, searching for ways to improve my mood, my mindset and attempted to find some meaning for my life, I trained in holistic therapies in 2004 which kickstarted wonderful events that changed my life for the better.

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My mindset wasn't an easy
thing to work with

Whilst I tried my hand at Massage, Reiki and other energy work (as much for my own mental health as for others), I was always looking for more. I knew I wanted to help other people but didn't know how, and I was still struggling with a constantly worried, overthinking mind and fluctuating moods.


Outwardly I tried appear happy, but I began feeling I was just playing along with a life that wasn't even my own.

But I decided to try meditating with a local group, despite being full of fear and doubt that I could actually gain anything. 

Me? Who's mind went at 100mph, manage to stay still, and clear my mind? No way!


Luckily, all my preconceptions about Meditation were wrong!

And I enjoyed being guided to relax and focus my mind positively, but it still took a while until I began noticing the benefits I was gaining.

Over the following 8 months I began to notice my sleep improving despite being pregnant, and raising 2 very young children, my mood day to day had improved, and I began to find my reactions to problems no longer jumped to the worst case scenario.


I began, finally, to believe that not only was regularly Meditating making great improvements to my health, my mindset and in turn those around me, but that I could do something to share this.


Around this time of new awareness, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful Hypnotherapist and Coach at a networking event, who further helped learn more about how I could change my thoughts, feelings and emotions.


As I began getting in in touch with my true self, learning to love and accept myself for who I was, I began to realise that this was indeed my passion.


To help other people be true to themselves, and live happily. After years of struggling with negative thoughts, I had found that is possible to change and be happy.

Like the lotus, that thrives in muddy waters

we can learn to use our mind in positive ways, and rest in a place of self love and compassion

And that's why I've been coaching and teaching Meditation and relaxation techniques throughout Scotland, for over 10 years! 


As a qualified Hypnotherapist and Coach, accredited by the BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy), and registered with CNHC (Complimentary Health Care Council), with a BSc of Social Psychology, I've developed a business that makes learning Meditation, and becoming more mindful easy and accessible. 

You can take your first step too.

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