Nurture The Goddess Within

Your Quest for weight loss just got easier! Learn the skills that will easily and quickly transform your health, body and mindset! You will learn how to use your mind to it’s full potential to help you to lose weight for good, reverse poor health and boost your energy levels!


Get All the Guidance and Support You Need To Permanently And Finally Get On The Road To Losing Weight!


Frustrated? Discouraged? Depressed? There's nothing worse than trying to shed weight and failing. You may have tried the gym, dieting, fitness clubs, weigh in’s and NOTHING has worked. It's really exhausting and makes me thinking about a new program unimaginable. Maybe you even shed some weight and got very excited, only to gain it all back.


Every time a weight loss program fails, it's quite harder to start over. You feel very less motivated to ever try again and wonder if you'll EVER be able to lose weight. However, what if you had someone with you explaining how to use your mind to lose weight, assisting you every step of the way? Someone to guide you with who has been on their own journey and knows the mind techniques to change your thinking so you really can create yourself as you’ve always wanted to be.


Using a combination of NLP & Hypnotherapy and other mind enhancing tools, my blend of Coaching will change your life!


What will you learn?



















My unique style of coaching is a beautiful way for you to become healthier, lighter, energetic and happier than ever before. I want to emphasize though… if you’re searching for another empty-promise weight loss program that hypes overnight weight loss without any kind of effort, then this really isn’t the program for you.


Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix to shed a couple of pounds, it is designed for those who are serious about wanting to create a happier and healthier life, becoming a slimmer more confident individual.


Here's what my coaching is NOT










So you now have 2 choices:


You can keep *thinking* about making the real change but where will you be next year? When your outfits are still too tight to fit! When you look back at old photos and wish that you “still looked like that”. When you’re unsure if your partner finds you as attractive as when you first met and you were much fitter and lighter. When you feel very embarrassed around the pool when you’re taking a vacation!


Or you can TAKE ACTION and start losing weight for good. As you already know ... until you take action, you'll keep wandering here and there to find a real solution.


You get 6 private sessions (lasting 90 mins), with session support and 2 free audios you will feel better in your own body. 


PRICE £275

The above price means your 6th session FREE - based on 6 individual sessions prices at £55 individually with telephone support between sessions. You also receive my Easy Weightloss Audio priced at £10 which helps makes weight loss easy,  plus my Anxiety Release audio normally priced at £10, to help let go of stress, worries and over thinking.


So please, don't procrastinate and "think about it". If you're tired of not having the slim, healthy body you life... you need to take action.


Are you ready to change your life?







All clients are offered a free 1:1 consultation via phone, or face to face at our West Lothian office to discuss coaching and whats right for you. 


If you want more information on alternative coaching packages, shorter session plans or alternative payment methods then get in touch now, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.



Love & Light



  • It’s NOT about Calorie Counting

  • It’s NOT about some miracle pill or shake to make you thin

  • It’s NOT about tricking your body into thinking it doesn’t need as much food

  • It’s NOT about exercising 24/7

  • It’s NOT about celebrity diets or plans

  • Top techniques that keep yourself slim, but healthy too!


  • How your mind literally affects what you eat, and what you can do to make changes quickly and easily so that you can get results immediately


  • A new way of thinking and use this to change your whole relationship to food


  • The way to harness the power of a positive mindset


  • The way to live more compassionately and deeply


  • The way to increase your energy levels and health


  • No "fad" diets to follow or special foods to buy! No plan to follow!

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