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25 questions to help you Self Care – and get unstuck in life!

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There are many benefits of self-questioning and checking in with yourself regularly, and being honest with yourself can truly help you lead a more content and fulfilled life.

Many people find that learning to be introspective helps them become “emotionally unstuck” and better able to connect to yourself, your values and your future, which in turns supports our overall well-being.

Feeling emotionally more free allows us to create better boundaries of what we will and will not tolerate in our life, and improve our overall self care. Self care is the intentional acts of care for ones mental, emotional or physical health, through every day acts - and typically follow 8 essential areas of life.

Much like Meditation, small but frequent moments for introspective can be beneficial for personal growth and care.

You may finding a stock of questions ready to run through a helpful tool for self development and healing (although I personally would only ask a few questions at a time), and allow yourself to sit with the answers.

Always trust your first answer, but do allow some breathing space for more answers and reasoning to appear. Without shame, guilt or inner criticism your truths can be welcomed in.

While you may not ask yourself every single one of these questions every single day, you may find keeping a note of some of the answers beneficial.

Like wise, you may prefer to simply sit with some questions before Meditating and re address the questions after to allow some time and space for your inner most truths to surface.

No matter how or when you use them, I’m sure your truths will empower and support you!

Love & Light Jennifer


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