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Five Mindful Minutes

is all you need for a great Meditation

Hosted by Jennifer Falconer

Our monthly membership helps you enjoy mini meditations throughout your week. You can join in easy to follow mindful practices, effective mini meditations and deep breathing techniques to help you feel calmer and more composed.


New Meditations are added every Monday and Friday, with reminder messages to help you stay on track as you align with regular self care practices.

Our guided Meditations are all approximately five minutes, so you can enjoy them wherever you are and feel more rested and refreshed - and not worry about having to set lots of time aside just for you.

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What's Included

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Enjoy two new guided meditations every week hosted by Jennifer, which can be enjoyed at a time that suits you.

These mindful moments are ideal for lowering stress levels when you only have a few minutes to spare.

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Community & Accountability

Our optional Facebook community group exclusively for members is a safe space to ask questions, share insights and keep up to date with weekly Meditations and reminders.


Many of our members struggle to stay consistent, and to be held accountable, and having a group of like minded Meditators allows you a support system for continuing your self care.

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Unlimited Access

Mindful Membership means you have access to to the full content library of five minute Meditations, as well as the new content added each week.


There is a growing wealth of Meditations to choose from, whether you practice every single day, once a week or even once a month.

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Live Monthly Calls

Join Jennifer's monthly live meditation session for 20-30 minutes of peaceful meditation, tips, and techniques. 


Sessions are tailored to members' needs and all live sessions are recorded. Members can send messages ahead of time to be incorporated into the session's affirmations and themes.

Can Five Minutes Make A Difference?

It may seem a small amount of time to truly relax, but just five minutes of deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress and cortisol levels and improve your focus and concentration during your day. 

More than that, just five minutes of Meditation can improve your mood, your quality of sleep, your memory and your body's oxygen levels which helps you feel invigorated and energised when you need it most.

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Who is membership for?

  • Our mindful membership is designed for individuals ready to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. 


  • Those eager to feel more relaxed and grounded but need more guidance and support.


  • Individuals who want to reduce their stress levels but have a hard time relaxing, and may have high levels of mental, emotional, or physical strain due to lots of demands and pressure on them.


  • Membership is for those who find it difficult to maintain regular self-care or meditation practices, and need a little nudge to keep going!

What equipment do I need?

The good news is there is no equipment you need to join in, other than a device such as a mobile, tablet or laptop for our guided Meditations. 

So there is no need for candles, background music or a yoga mat - and most of our members practice their Meditations from their sofas, armchairs and even office desks.

As our five minute mini Meditations are designed to be quick and effective you can practice without setting aside a dedicated time or space, and practice in small moments that suit you.

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