Sunday Night Stress Release

Online Classes and recordings  available DURING COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS

Our new monthly class allows you the opportunity to deeply relax and switch off from over thinking so you can feel rejuvenated and motivated for the month ahead.


Our full list of dates and location are at the bottom of the page or click here now.

Our Sunday night stress release class uses deep relaxation techniques to help you drift into a deep place of relaxation within the mind and body. This allows you to release tension and worries whilst improving your energy levels for the coming weeks.


As you allow your mind to drift deeper you can appreciate many positive thoughts and suggestions given by Jennifer throughout the guided relaxation. And because the mind is deeply relaxed it can absorb good thoughts and feelings easily and effectively. 

For many people who feel rushed and worried or have many demands on their time, a regular opportunity to switch off can help improve their sleep, mood and energy levels as they gain an important break from their thoughts that their mind and body need.


Because this class brings a blend of meditation, mindfulness and gentle hypnotherapy, participants are invited to lie down and can bring a light blanket or cushion or pillow, as the more relaxed you become the more you can enjoy the benefits of relaxation. 

Classes run on the last Sunday of the month at 7pm, and there is no need for previous experience, as classes are designed to accommodate anyone looking relaxation aged 16
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