New Year! New Mindset! Self Care Day Course
Learn new ways to care for your mind

West Lothian - 2022/23 Date TBC

You can look forward to feeling calmer and more optimistic when you join our
New Year! New Mindset! Self Care Day Course.

The day is designed to introduce you to a variety of self care methods for the mind, how to incorporate them into your routine, and make it manageable day to day.

You will also learn and participate in a variety of relaxation exercises, anxiety release techniques and thought changing methods to help you shift your mind-set into positivity.

On the day we will explore:

• The stress response and how it impacts your daily life and well being
• Benefits of regular relaxation & self care
• Full body Relaxation Techniques
• NLP exercises’ to easily and effectively change your mental state
• Self Hypnosis Techniques for relaxation

And lots more!

You really can learn how to use your own mind to become happier, healthier and more at peace within yourself, so you can move forward in life thinking more clearly, with better judgement and greater confidence.

Ask yourself this:

• Have you ever been trying to enjoy yourself, but felt distracted by thoughts?
• Or perhaps so worried that you couldn't sleep or eat?
• Maybe you find constant headaches disrupting your life?

If stress is impacting on your life, then it’s time to adjust your self care practice!

Self care techniques and a more mindful way of living can help reduce daily stress and anxiety and improve your quality of life.

Self-care is defined as any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, and when used actively, it helps improve your mood and reduce anxiety whilst helping develop a good relationship with oneself and others.

Our day course includes lunch, and refreshments throughout the day provided by
Howden Park Centre,
so your every need is taken care of.

So join me, Jennifer, on our new Self Care Day Course and learn the methods that have been proven to improve your regular self care practices and reduce anxiety & stress.

Join now for only £55

and as an added bonus all attendees will receive a FREE Anxiety Release Hypnotherapy MP3 valued at £10.



And remember workshops are also available for corporate events, charities and private groups and clubs with more information found on our corporate events page.


Don't forget to check out our video below for more information or get in touch.


Jennifer xx

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