Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are the perfect remedy for stressed out lives!


Known benefits include a sleep booster, air purifier and an energy balancer - and the best bit?

They look great too!


Whilst some people feel Himalayan salt is simply having it's moment in the spotlight,  as a Meditation & Mindfulness teacher I've been lucky enough to witness many positive effects.


Salt lamps are said to purify the air in our living spaces and generate negative ions, both of which have been known to reduce allergies and insomnia, boost the mood, and counteract the effects of all the blue light we surround ourselves with. Blue light in the evening activates our brain encouraging it to stay awake. 


Many of my clients, both inside class and at home have reported improved mood, improved sleep and reduced stress levels which they attribute to the introduction of their own Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

Shopping online for an authentic, good quality salt lamp that’s the right size for your space used to be tricky, but thankfully are becoming far more accessible. Having used one in Meditation classes I can attest to the gentle and calming energy they help increase.


If I had known my lamp would travel with my from home to work, I would have considered smaller, more lightweight lamps or tea lights for easy movement and it's something to consider when choosing yours.


If you plan on keeping your lamp in one room it's needed - then bigger is better! Moving it about the home or office - small is easiest whilst still effective.

The most common question I'm asked about Salt Lamps is "do they really work, or is it a placebo?"  It's important to note that so far scientific study results are mixed.


Personally I run on what the people that matter to me say. Working with clients with high levels of anxiety and stress who feel many benefits - coupled with my own experiences of using them, allow me to feel confident that a Himalayan salt lamp works in many positive ways. 

Science has also found that people respond positively to placebo's even when they know they are receiving one - meaning whether you are confident in Salt Lamps or not - you will feel more relaxed and at ease when using one.

Above, I've included linked Salt Lamps I believe are the best price and quality for home or office use.

Love & Light 

Jennifer xx

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