Time For Change?

How many sessions do I need?

Is probably the question I am asked most. The truth is I don’t know yet. Why? Because we all respond differently to change and growth. And yes, I see many therapists advertising that in just one session you can have amazing results. Is this true? Of course it is!

But is one session going to be enough time to change a lifetime of habits, allow me to teach you the skills and exercises that will maintain progress, and allow us to watch you grow and flourish as a person and work with the next level of healing?

No, not in my opinion.

Positive change can happen in a matter of minutes, but true transformation is a wonderful process of healing and it’s something I believe is lost in the rush of everyday life.

In a world where information, connection to others and the things we want, are all at the push of a button and the tips of our fingers, our idea of time has actually changed. It’s no wonder really, when we are bombarded by products and gimmicks promoting instant results.

So instead of wondering, "how many sessions do I need" the real question to ponder is “Do we really finish growing as an individual

Do we ever really finish learning about ourselves?

No of course not. There will always be the next level of healing, the next step on your journey and the next challenge that may throw you off course. Because every year, new challenges arise. And part of growing and healing emotionally is also accepting that we will always be a work in progress.

And yes, right now you might be thinking of someone who seems to have it made, seems to have the perfect life or just seems to succeed at everything they do. But underneath the surface of it all, everyone has something they struggle with, need help with or find frustrating.

Just because we are a work in progress doesn’t mean we should work with a coach or therapist forever. But it does mean we need to learn patience and accept that who we are, is always changing and adapting. My mentor reminded us that we really are all like an onion, once you work on some area of life, you will peel back another layer and once healed you become ready to heal again, and shift yet another layer.

So for those wondering how long it will take, or how many sessions they might need, perhaps the real question is,

How committed am I to experiencing change?

Are you willing to dedicate the next 6 months to finding new ways to improve life? Or perhaps the next 6 weeks to reading new books that will guide you through the first steps of healing? Are you ready to work with a coach over a year, so it becomes the year that changed everything? What is your level of commitment to your own change?

Your commitment affects the outcome of your experience, and this is especially true when working with a coach. Are you willing to do the extra work to help yourself? Which in my form of coaching might be listening to audios at home, reading new material sent over or making a commitment to practice techniques given in between sessions.

So although I can not tell you how long it will take for change, I can tell you that when you become the priority in your own life, positive changes will naturally flow not just from you, but with you.

Jennifer xx


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