That "Meditation Feeling" We Want

As we entered the last quarter of this year (2016), it became time for me to being planning our following years events, classes, offers and more. Despite Meditation & Relaxation being an incredibly relaxing field to work in, creating an atmosphere and opportunity for people to learn is slightly more challenging.

To find out what most people want to gain for their own peace of mind, I began digging a little deeper into the minds of my clients and found some interesting results.


Regarding Meditation, which really is readily available thanks to the internet via apps like Headspace and YouTube, over 85% of clients wanted regular group meetups and classes. Why is this do you think?

For me personally as someone who been both the student and teacher, I believe many people enjoy the wonderful sense of belonging to be had in a meditation gathering. A powerful feeling of calm and peace and that commonality that everyone has come for the same reasons, to gain something positive.

Another aspect not be ignored is that many of us learn better with someone by our side. And I don’t believe it’s just to share tips, experiences or advice, because let’s face it all of these things can be shared on a screen, in a book or video. Learning with others is important because of the energy we create. We all know yawns are contagious, but so is calm, so is happy and so is peaceful. As children we learn through mimicking what we see, and we continue this process as adults subconsciously. Learning meditation with a teacher, group or guide gives us an opportunity to feel what meditation really is, not just what it looks like and sounds like.

My experience working with clients and students with anxiety, combined with my own experiences in my past, was that Anxiety strikes in many different ways, not just our over thinking anxious thoughts, but our sleep, our mood and our energy levels too. So it’s no surprise that when it came to what people want to gain through meditation, it really was a blend of benefits for the mind, the body but funnily enough, less so the spirit. Spiritual Meditation, or spiritual discovery was last in the list for what people want, which I actually find refreshing.

It was no surprise for me that deeper relaxation was top of the list along side anxiety release with over 75% of people looking to improve in this area. The quality of our downtime is so important to our well being, and I’m certain we have all experienced times when we should be relaxed, should be happy and should be enjoying ourselves to the limit, and yet our mind is elsewhere. We all have moments when we feel we are beginning to relax but are unable to fully give ourselves to that feeling or moment. Through meditation and relaxation techniques we are really learning how to push through the subconscious barrier or block as we allow ourselves to delve into deeper relaxation which has the magical roll on effect of reducing our stress, tension and anxiety.

I was surprised that better sleep was voted so low by clients in our poll, but no surprise “more positivity” and “deeper love and acceptance” is top of our chart. What this shows for me, and completely aligns with my earlier thoughts on group meditation, is that we all want good feelings for ourselves. And these feelings of positivity are intensified when shared.

We can’t gain a feeling from an app. It can help us achieve a relaxed zen state, but a feeling can only be achieved by the individual, and made far easier when shared alongside others. When we understand the law of attraction, that like attracts like and more of it, we can begin to sense once again the roll on effect that comes from so many people joining together to feel good, feel positive, feel deeply relaxed and fully loving & accepting of themselves.


I’m not saying for one minute that you can’t enjoy a meditation online, you absolutely can. What’s important to remember is that feeling you gain from it, whether it’s peace, calm, happiness, love or inner strength, will become far more powerful when shared with the world. How do we do this? By not confining that good feeling to just one moment. By believing that we CAN take those feelings with us each and every day, and sharing those positive feelings and attitudes with others.

Love & Light Jennifer x


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