Deep Relaxation & Hypnotherapy Online

Hello and welcome to our new page for our online Relaxation and Hypnotherapy audios, videos and catch up classes!

Now you can experience the the wonderfully relaxing effect of Hypnotherapy but in the comfort of your own home.

Hypnotherapy is not only a great way to relax, but it's a fantastic resource for making changes in life.


Hypnotherapy allows your overthinking, conscious mind to relax, so that the deeper part of your mind, the subconsciouscan listen to and absorb new ideas and suggestions and in turn create new positive thoughts, feelings, ideas and behaviours.


 I hope you enjoy all our free Hypnotherapy audios, but please remember you must never listen to any meditation, hypnosis tracks or relaxation techniques whilst driving or operating machinery.

Remember to get in touch and let me know how you get on!


Love & Light


The subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, you skills, all situations you've been through and all images you've ever seen.

This relaxing self hypnosis track is designed to help you feel more focused and better able to prioritise so you can get things done! As with all Hypnotherapy tracks it will help you relax in the moment whilst also giving you the boost you need to make decisions and finish tasks.

As with all our tracks, we aim to give you the motivation or clarity you need right now, but also know you will continue to feel the benefits of organisations and determination in the weeks, months and even years to come.

This self hypnosis track is a blend of relaxation and increased energy, as it will help you relax in the moment whilst also improving the quality of relaxation you experience day to day. When we feel more relaxed and rested, it actually boosts our bodies natural energy when we need it most.

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