Inspirational Jewellery

Meaningful words, sweet sentiments, and motivating quotes are featured on inspirational jewellery with subtle but special reminders for yourself or someone you care about.


Whatever inspires you, from symbolic Affirmations to meaningful words stamped on a quote bangle, you're sure to find something a that inspires you and helps you through the day.

silver Affirmation cuff bracelet.jpg
Affirmation Cuff Bracelet

You can enjoy our Stainless Steel Hidden Inspiration - Open Cuff Bangle wherever you go. With it's hidden message of support it helps you feel empowered and ready to face the day.

Note: Front face of bangle DOES NOT have any words, but includes decorative arrows.


Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Silver / Gold / Rose Gold

Diameter: Curve: 6.2 cm - 6.5 cm / Thickness: 0.6 cm (Please see size photo for reference)

Weight: Around 15 gram

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