Generative Trance Meditation Retreat


Generative Trance Meditation is a unique blend of meditation, hypnosis and mindfulness which enables you to align your conscious and uncosnscious mind creating a positive flow of creativity that will allow you to connect to both your own creative consciousness as well as the collective consciousness available in the quantum field of energy.

Generative Trance works at a generative level of consciousness so has the benefit of having a powerful and lasting transformation across many areas of your life, it quite literally generalises out across all aspects of your life, therefore whatever challenges you may face it will have a positive impact whether you consciouslly focus on these or not!


Regardless of what experience you have with meditation I am sure you will find Generative Trance wonderfully transforming and enlightening, leaving you feeling calm, centred and aligned and ready to step forward in life refreshed and renewed.


Join us on this residential weekend retreat where you will get expert guidance and learn 3 Key skills that will enable you to get into a creative flow using some of the best known approaches to transforming your life. A unique blend of self hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation. You will learn how to blend these powerful tools and show you a simple 3 step formula that you will be able to use time and time again to break away from old fixed ways and create a happier, healthier and more fullfilling life.


This Retreat will be held the Stunning Lendrick Lodge on the 10th to the 12th of April 2015. On this retreat you will be expertly guided from Avril Gill founder of Newlands Personal Development, supported by myself and the highly experienced Orielle Taylor from Orielle Taylor Brain Friendly Coaching.


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Lendrick Lodge

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