Co Creating With The Universe


Begin manifesting the future you want with your guides, angels and the free flowing energy all around us!












Using techniques from Generative Trance Meditation, Hypnotherapy and our own natural connection to energy, you can be guided to set an intention for what you want most, you can embrace previous mental blocks and fears, transform them, and then take your intention out into your future.


When we allow ourselves to "drop out" from our overthinking conscious mind we can begin to allow our subconscious mind, or inner knowing, to rise and guide us forward to greater things.


Imagine creating the future you want, everything you desire within your reach. No setbacks, no blocks in your path, the freedom to live the life you want. What is it you desire most right now? Maybe you dream of having good health, or a slimmer body? Maybe you want to know the right path for you and are looking for more clarity in your mind?


Your intention, or what you want most, is completely unique to you, just as Co Creating With The Universe is a completely unique experience too. Many people feel an intention is a material thing, like money, a new job or a car. Whereas others feel an intention is much more personal such as happiness, clarity, confidence or health. The truth is there is no right or wrong answer, and when you’re Co Creating With The Universe your intention will flow naturally from within.


When I was first introduced to Generative Trance Meditation, I used very simple intentions, such as wanting to lose weight and eat less. And although I sometimes still bring my health and wellbeing into my own trance work, I often use intentions such as “Confidence to make changes” and “wisdom to know what’s right for me”.


For some people the intention is not what’s important, and it is in fact the recognition and connection to an energy much bigger than ourselves, and whether we call it energy, Angels, chi, prana or whatever you feel it is, this energy within the Universe is working with you bring you what you want.


My 6 session coaching package is £450 and sessions are spread over 4 - 6 months to allow you to dedicate the time to yourself, so that can permenantly change you thoughts to food and eating. Payments can be spread and are required at least 48 hours in advance of each session, but you can take advantage of our !0% discount when paying in full.


All clients are offered a free 1:1 consultation via phone, or face to face at our Edinburgh office to discuss coaching and whats right for you.


If you want more information on alternative coaching packages, shorter session plans or alternative payment methods then get in touch now, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.



Love & Light




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