Hypnotherapy At Home

6 Step Transformation Course

Whether you are looking to lose weight, become fitter or just love yourself more, you have taken the first step towards positive change!

All of our Hypnotherapy tracks are designed to help you love and accept your whole being. When we are in a place of deep love and acceptance we treat ourselves with kindness and respect, and that includes the kind of foods we eat, exercises and activities we enjoy, the choice of company we keep, even our very thoughts about ourselves.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a healthy lifestyle or losing weight relies on just eating less, and I’m here to tell you it’s so much more than that! A healthy lifestyle needs to include positive thoughts and feelings, a range of healthy balanced foods and motivation to use your body more.

Over the next 6 weeks its recommended you listen to each audio at least twice throughout the week, but the more you listen to them the more they will help you make effective changes to your lifestyle. As you work through the audios you will experience many different aspects of self-development, and really begin to nurture yourself more and more in many positive ways.

There are 3 mindset changing worksheets which can be downloaded, printed or saved as a file, and completed throughout the 6 weeks which will help boost your motivation and transform your outlook on life, your future and your body.

I recommend printing all these sheets off at the start of the 6 weeks, and using your own handwriting for your thoughts, as a deeper connection will be made.

Audios marked with the              symbol can be listened to repeatedly to reinforce positive habits, anytime you like!

Know Your Motivation
More Than Food
One Page Life Review
Track 1
This audio is going to retune your body to its true hunger levels, so that you can eat healthily when you are hungry, and stop when you are satisfied.
In the past you may have been prone to eating over sized portions, snacking all day long but never really eating a meal or even eating from tiredness, boredom, sadness or a combination of these things. But not anymore! This audio is the first step to creating a balanced relationship with food and eating, as you teach your brain and body how to eat healthily when hungry and STOP when satisfied. This track will help reinforce that moving your body to exercise is enjoyable and achievable.
As with all of your tracks, the more you listen to them, the more the positive suggestions will help you make changes, and you can return to this audio and listen to it as often as you like.
Track 2
Our second audio is helping you change the old behaviours that have been holding you back, even the habits you maybe didn’t know were there!
Too often we fall into bad habits that impact our happiness or our health in a negative way, but now is the chance to let your own inner mind find the best way forward and create new positive habits and behaviours. You can listen to this track a the start of week 2, and any time you feel ready to make big changes.
Track 3
This track is designed to help your mind influence the bodies chemistry, right down to the very cells it’s made of and influence the body to burn calories quicker.
Our mind truly is incredible and works in a continuous feedback loop of information with our body, and through hypnosis we are going to use this to our advantage so we store less fat in the body, and turn excess fat into energy to burn.
Track 4
It’s time to let yourself BE yourself. For many of us, we can look in the mirror and not even recognise who we really are, so this audio is going to help strengthen your own inner confidence and self-belief. Not only will it help you to free yourself from the past, but also free your mind from worries.
One of the difficulties many people experience, is an over thinking mind. An over thinking mind often leads to anxieties and worries over nearly every aspect of life, but often includes the kind of food we eat, when we are eating, whether we will ever be able to lose weight, what others will think if I don’t lose weight, what others think if I do lose weight, etc, etc.
So track 4 is here to free your mind and your body, so you can really enjoy positive thoughts and feelings flowing into your mind, body and spirit. Do remember to continue to listening to Track 1 to continue your good work, listening to your hunger signals and paying attention to them.
Track 5
When we are in a place of deep love and acceptance with our true self, we treat ourselves with love, respect and kindness, both physically and mentally. This audio is helping you deeply love and accept yourself and improve your overall wellbeing so you can move forward healthier and happier.
Track 6
Your 6th and final audio is taking your positive thoughts, positive feelings and healthy habits into your future.
The Creating Your Future track not only combines many aspects of what you have already covered, but takes you through a beautiful transformation into a wonderful future.
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