Meditation Learning & Development

Our Stress Less Workshops and Meditation Classes have been delivered to Charities and Organisations since 2013 with fantastic results for both clients and staff.

Focusing on mental and physical well being your group can learn and experience a range of Meditation, Mindfulness and relaxation skills and techniques for letting go of worries and stress.

With 1:1 sessions, workshop events and classes available you can support your clients further by giving them the skills that they incorporate into their own lives to live more peacefully.
















The benefits of meditation are far reaching and have been proven to improve the mental & physical well being of individuals.

Some of the Physiological improvements are:

  • Lowering of high blood pressure, as the heart rate rate slows down and good blood flow is promoted

  • Deeper level of physical relaxation through softening and resting the muscles and nerves 

  • Improved breathing through strenthening the lungs and chest muscles as well as teaching the body more rythmic breathing patterns

  • Post op healing times are improved as deep relaxation promotes healing within the body

  • Migraines & headaches are decreased in two ways, with muscular tension descreasing as well as reducing anxiety levels

  • Pain relief such as ulcers, muscle and joint problems

  • When relaxed the body produces more serotonin production that improves mood and behaviour

  • Improves and boosts the immune system

  • Increased energy levels

  • Improves sleep patterns and reduces insomnia

The Psychological improvements through Meditation and regular deep relaxation include:

  • Improved self confidence

  • Easily focused thoughts

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased emotional stability

  • Development of inner will power and self belief

  • Decreases anxiety, over thinking and the tendencies to worry

  • Creativity increases

  • Happiness increases

  • Intuition develops

  • Gains clarity and peace of mind

  • Problems become smaller

And of course the more Mindful attitude and benefits are:

  • Provides peace of mind & happiness within

  • Increases acceptance of oneself

  • Helps learn forgiveness & compassion for self and others

  • Helps discover your life purpose

  • Brings body, mind & spirit in harmony


Onsite Guided Meditations - £5pp

Our onsite meditations last approximately 30 minutes and are designed to help participants create deep relaxation, improve their mood and concentration, whilst also reducing physical discomfort such as tension headaches. Our meditation in your own office or workplace are perfectly designed to reduce Anxiety and stress that can come from a busy and focused environment. 

Stress Less - Relaxation & Meditation 1 Day Workshop - £350

During the workshop you will learn more about Anxiety & stress, the symptoms and causes, and of course how to manage your thoughts, feelings and reactions to Stress more effectively. Workshops run approximately 6 hours including breaks, and particpants join in relaxation exercises, anxiety release techniques and meditations throughout the day. Click here for our Stress Less workshops full details.

Stress Less - 2 Hour Class - £125

In our 2 hour class we explain what Anxiety really is and how it affects us day to day. We cover many different symptoms and causes of stress and all participants get to experience ne of our proven relaxation excercises for letting go of worries and releasing our over thinking. 

If you would like more information on any of our services then feel free to contact us below.


Love & Light 




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