Creating Happiness

6 Week Coaching & Meditation Course



This course is designed to help you not only feel happier within yourself, but also calmer and more confident as each week you join in coaching exercises and walkthroughs proven to change your thinking and outlook about yourself, your life and your future.

Over the 6 weeks you will learn Creative Meditation step by step, which allows you to think positively about the future and work with your subconscious mind, so you feel empowered for the next step in your life.

Why is this important? Your subconscious mind holds all your memories, feelings, emotions deep seated beliefs about yourself and your life. If you feel something is blocking you from hap...piness right now, then it’s time to clear away the emotional blocks and let your creative subconscious mind move forward with new positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

You will learn and join in exercises with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP, self-hypnosis, meditation and many more coaching techniques for growth and self awareness, and all participants will learn and be able to use these independently long after the course has finished.










So if your ready to feel more calm, confident, relaxed, positive and have a deep trust within your own decision making, join me in 2018 for only     £72   


£60 when booked before January 16th.




Ready to feel more:




All classes run 7pm till 9pm on the dates shown


For those unable to attend all dates there will be a catch up class or appointment offered at the end of the course. 

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