Inner Wisdom Meditation Class

Our Meditation for deep relaxation and stress reduction allow your mind and body the best opportunity to learn enjoy regular meditation and adapt to a more peaceful way of thinking and feeling.


Classes run monthly

Our full list of dates are at the bottom of the page

 Regular Meditation can help you to bring peace and joy to your mind, and when our mind is peaceful, we are free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we experience true happiness.

When our mind is not peaceful, we may find it very difficult to be happy, even when we are living in the very best conditions. Practicing meditation, can allow your mind to gradually become more and more peaceful, and allow you to experience a purer form of happiness, whilst improving our sleep, our creativity, our breathing and even our health.



Meditation classes with Jennifer cover many different forms of guided & individual meditation, allowing you to work on deep relaxation, anxiety release, chakra clearing, deep love and acceptance, as well as connecting with your own inner wisdom and intuition.

Classes run 7pm till 8pm, and there is always time after to discuss your Meditation with Jennifer and the rest of the group. 
Meditations are usually seated, and it is advisable to bring a jumper, cardigan or light blanket as the body has a tendency to cool during a meditation. 

All classes must be booked in advance and t&c's apply

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