A little about me

I began my career in Holistic Therapies back in 2004, and whilst I tried my hand at Massage, Reiki and other energy work I was always looking for more. I knew I wanted to help other people but didn't know how.


For along time I didn't connect to a calling in life, and more often than not had flitted from job to job after high school feeling a little lost. There were many times I felt my self spiralling into unhappiness, and usually my weight was most affected. Through a combination of lack of confidence, and no direction for my future, I spent years miserable, hating my body, and not even recognising myself in the mirror.  


Outwardly I tried appear happy, but I began feeling I was just playing along with a life that wasn't even my own.


I was fortunate enough to have meet a wonderful Hypnotherpaist and Coach at a networking event, where I began to learn more and more about how I could change my thoughts, feelings and emotions. And as I began getting in back in touch with myself, learning to love and accept myself for who I was, I began to realise that this was my passion. To help other people be true to themselves, and live happily. After years of abusing my body with food, and torturing my mind with negative thoughts, I had found that is possible to change.


As a qualified Hypnotherapist and Coach, accredited by the BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy), and registered with CNHC (Complimentary Health Care Council), I now run a succesful practice in Scotland where I specialise in helping women love themselves enough to make changes in life. 


So get in touch now and find out how I can help you feel happy and confident within.


Love & Light 


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